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Bulk SMS Sign up

SMS has reached to heights from last decade as 90% of the people are engaged with mobile phones. So, BULK SMS Company has taken charge for promotion in the market. It is being used for advertisement of products and services. BULK SMS Services helps to stand out in the era of competition. It is an innovative strategy to attract customers. It is highly interacting and powerful tool of the marketing which grabs the attention of audiences.

What do you mean by BULK SMS?

How many kinds of SMS are there? There are two kinds of SMS:

Transactional SMS -
These are the type of messages that are sent to customers for informing them about necessary information of product and services. It is also known as "Alert SMS". It can be sent to DND numbers as well. These messages can be sent 24 hours in a day. Sender id is created in six letters in an alpha pattern such as LM: DASHES. Banks sending account balance information or all other important information comes under the head of transactional SMS.

Example- Dear Customer, Your order number 123456 is delivered. Thank you for shopping with us!

Promotional SMS -

These are the type of messages which are sent to customers for promoting and advertising of particular products and services. This category comprises of sales and marketing through messages. It can be sent from 9 AM to 9 PM and can only be sent to Non-DND numbers. SMS those include offers, promotions and coupons come under Promotional. Alpha id is such as LM: QWERTY created for sending Promotional SMS. What are the benefits of hiring BULK SMS Marketing?

The benefits of BULK SMS Marketing are as follows:-
It delivers your message instantly.
It has a flexible platform for sending messages.
It has high open rate.
It gives you highest conversion rates.
It is a reliable method.
It has limitless market potential.
It provides instant opt-in and opt-out services.
It is highly targeted.
Messages are personalized.
It has a wide scope.
It is easy to understand.